Ive always liked dolls and I used to make cloth dolls when I was a little girl.  When I grew up I used to make little crochet dolls. 

Then later as an older adult, I started making little wire figures with beaded dresses.I  I started making clay dolls in 2018.  Polymer clay didn’t work out for me so I tried air dry clay and I was hooked!  The coolness of it in my hands gives me a very relaxing feeling and as I make my little faces, it brings me joy to see the dolls come to life!   Once  I discovered how easy it is to use paperclay, I practiced everyday after work to refine my skills, taking online free tutorials on youtube.  I found the Professional Doll Makers Art Guild on youtube and decided to join.  I was given several mentors who taught me how to refine my skills.  I am still learning and reaping the benefits of the guild.   The guild has helped me grow and it has introduced me to a group of people who are talented and always willing to share. 


If you are interested in purchasing any of my dolls, email me at cecelia.arrington@gmail.com